Many viewers of my open class video on YouTube below ask me for tips on teaching English as a Second Language to kids. So I wrote a book for you.

How to build up your lesson? How to keep it fun and the kids under control? What games and activities can I use?

There are many books and websites with great educational theories, but I felt none of them are practical or complete enough. I struggled a lot in the beginning of my teaching career. I was a traveler. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I loved working with children and I had an open mind that was set on becoming a great teacher.

Every day I used to spend hours preparing lessons and searching for new fun games and ideas. Now, I want to save you all this time trouble. That’s why I decided to write this e-book about teaching ESL to children. Applicable all around the world.

Are you an ESL teacher or looking to be one?
Then I’m happy to say, you’ve come to the right place!

This e-book is full of great tips on how to teach kids of different ages. No dull theory. All tips, techniques and ideas in this book are practical and tested and proven by me.


What do your young students want?

Tell me something, what do you think your students want? They are 3 to 12 years old. Do they want to learn English? Or is it really their parents who want them to learn English? Few young students have an intrinsic motivation to learn English. Most children just want to have fun! It’s your job to make learning English as much fun and awesome as possible.


What do their parents want?

What do the students’ parents want? Do they want their children to have fun? Sure they do, but more importantly they want to see better results from their children. They want higher English proficiency and better scores. They want to see a teacher that’s in control and knows what he/she’s doing.


What do you want?

You as a teacher want both your students and their parents to be happy. This is not a mission impossible. You just need to make your classes educational AND fun. This way the students will learn the fastest. For teaching ESL it’s great to play a lot of games, as long as the students are listening, speaking or recognizing English, they are learning!


What do you need for this?

You need engaging material, new ways to inspire your students, more activities, games and practical ideas to improve your teaching. That’s exactly the focus of this e-book.

As a starting teacher, you need practical tips, you need to know all little details of what to do and how to do it. It’s all about the details!

You need to get into the right mindset to create a positive energy and fun vibe in the classroom.


What you will get in this e-book

Take a look of just a few of the things you will learn about in this book:

    • What’s teaching ESL to kids like
    • How to become a great teacher
    • Top 50 of most awesome classroom games
    • Using Total Physical Response (TPR)
    • How to make your classes lots of fun
    • Managing and controlling your class
    • Kindergarten classes
    • Training center classes
    • ESL Curriculum
    • How to teach new classes, new material, phonics, grammar, songs, etc.


Look inside!

3-Content     25-rewards


I don’t claim to be an expert certified teacher. I learned it in the field, through trial and error.

It’s been an amazing journey and I hope I can help you with yours by taking away some of the obstacles on the road to becoming an awesome and inspiring ESL teacher. That’s why I have put the best of what I’ve learned in this book.

Get your ESL classes to the highest level and order now!

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  • August 18, 2015 at 6:46 AM

    I watched your video Hayo English open class on Youtube several time and I really loved it. No need so much flashcards, and video but it’s amazing to see how kids enjoy speaking English together. Excellent! I love your method of teaching.


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